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always something 03-13-2007 07:03 PM

My (L) woodburning fireplace.
Hello All.
would love to find anyone who has had excessive smoke issues when burning wood in their fireplace.
we had a couple of fires when we first moved into the house with no problems but i was concerned with the condition of the chimney, The company we used had said that they did not know how good the brick and mortar were, so they suggested installing a liner, we had a liner
installed then when we had fires it would smoke us out,
here is my question? If a liner is installed should it be secured to the flue so all the smoke goes up inside the liner and not between the chimney and liner,to me this defeats the object.
Any help and advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
p.s there is more we went to the BBB, now theres a thing.

Sammy 03-13-2007 07:22 PM

I am getting ready to do the same thing with my old wood burner!

My flue is in fine shape but I want to install a liner to reduce the draft size and make it easier to clean since currently I have a wood insert and that means pulling it all out each time I clean it.

To answer your question, YES!

The liner should make an airtight connection between the top of your stove and the top of the chimmney allowing smoke to flow directly to the outside. NOT between the liner and the flue. If its doing that, I would stop using it until its corrected and inspected.

Try opening your fireplace doors maybe five minutes before you start a fire to allow some of the room air to flow up the flue and "pre heat" the flue.

I have to turn off my heat pump fan too since its somewhat close to the fireplace and if its running while starting a fire, will cause some smoke to back into the house.

I also have a very loud, talking, 120VAC, battery back up, smoke/carbon monoxide detector. [good investment]

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