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Whatthe??? 09-02-2009 10:34 AM

My grout is crying
In June I remodeled my shower. Installed pan as follows:

* 1-1/2" plwood subfloor
* Mortar base coat (built-up on perimeter to create slop to drain
* Membrane layed caulked to drain flange and goes up walls 12"
* Mortar base again sloped to drain
* 2 x 2" floor tile set in thinset
* sanded grout
* sealed (3 times) over the last month

What's happening:
Take shower in a.m. - shower dries over night - the next morning there is a small area (2" x 2") of the grout that is wet (this is the only area that is wet - dark).

I dried this area with a hair drier until dry (reg grout color) - use a different shower that day.

The next day the spot is back! Place a piece of TP on it and it gets wet! Last 3 days spot keep comming back.

What's happening?

adpanko 09-02-2009 11:58 AM

where is the small wet area in relation to the drain or walls? Never heard of that, but I'll take a few guesses:

This is obvious, but check to see if there are any small cracks in the tile or grout around the wet spot where water might be getting behind them

If the spot is near the drain, I'd assume that not all of the water is being drained down the drain pipe, but is instead getting into the area surrounding the drain pipe, enough that even after drying off the wet area, there is enough water sitting underneath the mortar or tiles that it will wet through again to the surface.

If the spot is near a wall or the corner, I'd assume that water was getting in from behind the wall somehow and creating the same problem as above.

One final though, and I doubt this is it, but maybe your mortar bed didn't dry thoroughly and that one spot stayed wet? But I highly doubt that would have enough moisture to get the top layer of tile wet.

Maybe search the web for a tile only forum. The Journal of Light Construction has an online forum, supposed to be just for pros, but I'm guessing only pros will have a decent answer to your problem. There is a dedicated tile forum within their forums. It is

Termite 09-02-2009 01:20 PM

I suspect that your membrane is retaining some water (low spot perhaps), which is leeching up through the thinset and grout joints.

Hopefully Bud Cline will chime in and offer suggestions. :yes:

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