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jstamps 04-19-2010 10:09 PM

moving a support wall 6 ft over.? help
Typical ranch style home.( one roof line from end to end of home) I want to combine the two back rooms and there is what I think to be a support wall connecting the two. But nothing seems to be resting on the support wall, but assuming since such a length is involved, it is supporting the span. The total span is 24 ft. 12 on both sides. This is one support from one side of house to other. I want to move the wall over about 5 ft. Leaving the longer side about 18 ft. How can I , or what should I do to add support to the 18 ft section. This is a typical prefab trust system. Can I simply sister the 18 ft length and use ties to support that 18 ft length. Can I "V" support the new support wall to the rafters and use hangers on the 18 ft section. Please give me any suggestions.

oh'mike 04-20-2010 05:48 AM

Most trusses used in a ranch house are designed the span the width of the house without a 'supporting'

You need to get someone in there to check the truss design. Post a few pictures here ---Mike---

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