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trobinson017 11-29-2007 05:20 PM

Mounting bathroom fan in too small attic space
I have a very small interior bathroom with a faulty fan that needs to be replaced. The problem is that the attic above the fan is near the eave and is way to tight for me to get to. I can't even get within 6 feet of it unless I'm on my belly slithering across the joists which makes installation nearly impossible. I should also point out that the "eave" becomes part of an add-on room so I can't get a wall mount fan and vent that way. What options do I have for replacing this fan? Is there a way to install a new fan from inside the bathroom, maybe attaching the vent hose first and pushing it into the attic to where I could reach it? I would have to be able to mount the fan body from inside as well. I've Googled this and haven't seen anything that would work. I'm open to any and all ideas on how to do this without having to hire a very tiny contortionist electrician.


Sammy 11-29-2007 06:18 PM

Most bath vent fans can be replaced from inside the bathroom. Pull the cover down and you should see a motor that plugs into an outlet..

ponch37300 11-30-2007 09:51 AM

You can replace the bath fan from the inside. Some times you can get the same model if the fan isn't to old and just replace the fan motor. Other times(most of the time) you have to take the whole housing out and mount a new one. I usually get a bigger sized fan so i have a bigger opening to work in. The old fan housing should be nailed or screwed to a truss, find which side of the housing is attached and pry it from the truss or cut the screws with a hack saw blade. Un do the wiring and vent from the old fan and attach them to the new. put the new fan housing in place and screw threw the inside if the housing into the truss. Finish putting it together and you are done.

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