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Jacques28 10-04-2010 03:08 AM

Mould found under tiles of shelf in the shower.
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I recently had bathroom re-done about 2 months ago, had a shower bath put in. There was a shelf above the bath area before, which has now been tiled over because the shower is now in that area. Walked into the bathroom the few days ago and had a strong smell of mould. So on inspection found that the grout had sort of dissolved away and water was getting in under the metal strip on corner of shelf. have removed tiles on the shelf and found mould. So have sprayed with polycell mould killer.
But i would like to know how to prevent this happening again.

the guy who did it just made the shelving from plasterboard by the looks of it and then put the tiles adhesive and grout on top of the plasterboard.
Was this the right way of doing it? do i need to just re-tile again and make sure alot of grout is put on, or even silicone sealant?

help please. :(

oh'mike 10-04-2010 07:13 AM

You have a problem----The shelf and the walls around it should have been water proofed---

Tiles and grout are not going to keep water form reaching the backer board or the 'glue' that holds the tiles in place.

Proper installation--Durrock or Hardibacker or other backer that is unaffected by moisture.

Then waterproofing--Paint on --like Redguard or Hydroban--or a surface membrane--like schluters Ditra.

Then a 'glue that is unaffected by moisture---Thinset--in the powdered form---Never the tile mastic

in a bucket----that stuff will dissolve when water gets past the grout,and it always does.--Mike--

Ron6519 10-04-2010 08:44 AM

Having a shelf in this location is ill advised. You're just asking for one issue after the other. You could minimize this by following the advice given previously. I would also install a single piece of stone on the base to reduce the joints.
The guy who did the shower, and used sheetrock in a wet area, shouldn't even own tools. Without the proper base, all the pretty tiling will be short lived.
Water has probably gotten in behind the wall below. I would remove the escutcheon plate and look in there for more mold.

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