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Chemist1961 04-21-2010 07:55 AM

Mold inside exterior wall
I stripped the wallpaper above my main shower this weekend and found cloudy discouleration in the drywall underneath. Wearing a mask, etc, this a.m. removed a 32" piece of wall and some found mold on the back of the drywall against the vapour barrier, as well as some behind the insulation inside the wall cavity on the plywood sheathing. This is powdery like carbon dust seems primarily contained to about 1 square foot in a stud space.

Later this year I will gut the bathroom and reseal the exterior wall and insulate, then use waterproof drywall with a new 3 piece tub shower as part of the makeover. Th bath is well vented by a lrge fan but was not originally.

I plan to spray the inside of the wall today with Concorbium, what else should I do(I have removed the pieces in a sealed garbage bag) ,before re insulating and covering this 16 x 32 " opening?
I will cover for now with a plywood painted panel for future access

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