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ak76 10-13-2012 06:40 AM

Mold behind cabinets, no drywall above
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Hi Everyone,
I'm hoping someone has some advice about the pickle we're in.
On the Friday before labor day our upstairs neighbor's water heater burst and caused extensive damage to our ceiling. Our insurance and contractor both thought that replacing the visible drywall on the ceiling would do it. In the process of repairs, we decided to have the contractor just remove the drywall from the ceiling altogether, which raised the ceiling a foot.
So now we have plaster over brick on the ceiling, and a box (soffit?) over the ductwork around the upper edge of the kitchen.
Now here's the thing: in the process we discovered our cabinets badly need to be replaced, and we can't afford the contractor's price. We decided to remove the cabinets and install a shelf. It was going to be an easy weekend project.
But as you can see from the attached picture, we removed the cabinets to discover mold behind them and no drywall above.
So... how would you handle this? Replace the moldy drywall, probably. But the missing drywall above? Do we cut small pieces of metal stud, screw them in, and then drywall over that?
I'd appreciate any ideas!

TheCamper 10-13-2012 09:52 AM

You might want to consider insulating the bottom of the duct, installing gypsum board on the bottom of the soffit, removing the mold with a mix of water and bleach, verify the gypsum is dry, and then prime the gypsum board with a paint that inhibits the growth of mold. The paint supply can help you with that. That should take care of the mold if the gypsum on the wall is now dry. If the gypsum board on the wall is damp then you need to dry it out or replace it, my preferance. Assuming you are in a building with attached units be sure to maintain or repair any fire separations between dwelling units if the work involves those separations.

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