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mibson 02-13-2011 11:12 AM

Moisture inside large windows
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I have significant moisture buildup inside my large dual pane windows. It has been getting worse this winter to the point where I can see water drops running down the windows between the two panes. These windows say IGMAC PPG TWINDOW CALGARY 1988 on them. I will try to contact this company in Calgary (300km south of me), but I thought I would get some advice here first.

Thanks so much :)

Tom Struble 02-13-2011 11:41 AM

is that a Lindal home?

while it,s unsightly and means the seal has failed,it doesn't necessarily mean the window is significantly less efficient then when they were new,

there is a technique to remove this moisture

mibson 02-13-2011 11:49 AM

Im not concerned about the window efficiency but just the amount of moisture almost seems enough that it could be leaking out and damaging wood somewhere?

I think it is a Lyndal home. The previous owners said it was.

Tom Struble 02-13-2011 12:08 PM

you are right,that could possibly be happening

mibson 02-13-2011 12:18 PM

Yes, my concern is damage to any part of the house from moisture. I dont like the look of the moisture in the windows but I wont be replacing these windows without winning the lottery and the defogging methods just dont make sense to me as a long term solution.

This is not just some fog in the window, I can actually see 10-20 dropplets of water that accumualte and run down the inside of the window to the bottom seal.

For now, I just want to figure out if moisture is running out of the window seal down into the structure of the house causing damage.

Tom Struble 02-13-2011 01:25 PM

i believe Lindal uses an outside weep system on those fixed units,there may be a removable stop that can be pried up for a closer inspection,there may even be an actual owners manual for the care and upkeep of your home and what finishes are recommended

Your home is built with beautiful western red cedar and should be protected with the recommended materials and maintained as the factory recommended

you should contact Lindal there may even be a warranty program,or at the least they can give you the guidance you need to properly maintain your home

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