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flowersrj 11-29-2008 10:26 PM

Moisture betwwen main house and attached room

I have a 2 bedroom ranch on concrete slab with painted 8" cedar horizontal siding with a rear enclosed porch that had been converted to a heated room at the rear.

The extra room has a separate heater which is used only as needed. Its floor is also a concrete slab with a 4 foot deep cistern underneath it. The outside was sheathed in T111.

After I bought it I overlaid the sheathing with a cement/fiberglass siding to match the house.

I have noticed for a while that some the veneer of the paneling in this room has started to lift in a few areas so I removed one sheet and found moisture. It is at about 4 feet from the floor.

Behind the paneling was the original painted cedar siding covered with furring strips used to attach the paneling.

My 2 questions are:

1) whether the paneling should of been removed where the house joins the porch/room
2) what is proper wall construction to have between the main structure and added porch/room. Most of the time the room is not heated except for when we use it which its not to often. No mold seen yet.


4just1don 11-29-2008 10:54 PM

What is this 'cistern' used for??Discontinued??? Sounds like an accident waiting to happen. MANY old cisterns around here too and they are BEST filled in and abandoned. Cant imagine drinking out of a snake pit,,,bug pit and who knows what else,,,including frog and toad crap!!! They WERE used as a resivoir for holding water in the olden days(mostly on windmills for non windy days),,,but havent seen one used in my lifetime,and I am really really OLD!!!

Is this cistern causing excess moisture in this area?? IF it has a lid,,,look and see how often there is water in it,,,maybe from ground water,runoff etc.

What part of the country do you live? Excess humidity most of the year?? So this moisture is present when its cold outside,house is warm,,,you kick on the porch heater??? NO insulation or vapor barrier in that cold outside sided wall???

flowersrj 11-30-2008 12:20 PM


Cistern collects rain water and we use it to water the garden. We found old water softener in the garage so I guess it was used to wash clothes and such before house was connected to city water.

Also, there is insulation in the outside porch walls.

We live in southwest PA.


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