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bevanndan 01-24-2007 10:54 PM

Mirror frame
I'm trying to build a frame for a large mirror that is hanging on a wall. I have the wood, stained and varnished. My walls are plaster. How can I attach the frame to the walls? Can I use Liquid Nails, Gorilla Glue, etc.? The frame measures 6'4" at top and bottom and 3' 10" on the sides. As the walls are plaster, I don't think nailing will work well. If I use an adhesive, how do I keep the peices in place as they dry, with enough pressure for a good close fit? I don't like the idea of holding them for hours. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Savannah 01-26-2007 02:09 PM

try building frame on floor, nail all the corners get some liquid nails and glue and tape it up

bevanndan 01-26-2007 02:37 PM

Thanks for your suggestion, but since nobody answered quickly, and I wanted to get it done, I bought some construction glue call Power Grab by Loctite. It's applied with a cauk gun. I nailed and glued the frame itself, to the walls, and used glue only for the corner "rosettes" (or whatever they're called). Anyway, it looks great, and I'm quite pleased with it. This Power Grab stuff is nice. It sets quickly, easy clean up, no/low odor, yet there is time for re-position, if neccessary.
Thanks again,

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