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leted_82 09-01-2007 12:42 AM

Minor Drywall Repair
I guess I'm getting pretty good at making stupid mistakes. While installing a ceiling mounted projector, I started to drill a hole in the ceiling using a hole cutter to run cable through. I figured wrong, and learned there was sheet metal above for ducts (didn't go through it).

So what I have is the hole through the drywall (from the drill bit) and a circle about half way through the drywall where the hole cutter started to cut. This is new drywall with knockdown texturing. Is there an easy fix that will not cause the texturing to be noticibly different? Hoping to take care of this before my wife notices - she is pretty fond of the new drywall job that was done! Thanks!

MinConst 09-01-2007 06:31 AM

You only have a small hole and a round circle to patch so just use mud, sand smooth and you can by texture in a spray can. Experiment with the texture on a scrap piece as the nozzle is adjustable. Prime and paint the patch if it fairly new and you have paint left over it will all blend.

MudGirl 10-10-2007 11:38 AM

If you want it to really blend, on knock-down texture...
(I've tried the can-loud noise, empty can, big mess) not for everyone. But if you do use it, mask off or tent off the area first. A little tape and plastic saves lots of time cleaning. LOL
Note: Your repair WILL end up being bigger than your damage. And you need to mask the area at least directly under the repair. The ceiling, that's one thing...but the carpet too? UGH !
To fix it properly try this...
Pull away any paper that's loose-pinch and pull like turning a key to keep it small. If it needs tape, use paper tape, and coat it (joint compound)wider than the hole. Coat again if needed. Feather the edges...the edges will have to be sanded a bit in small circular motions. To apply the texture, mix compound with water to pancake consistency or a bit thicker. Dab a brush (drywall horsehair brush-local home improvement store) into it-give a firm shake to remove excess and start dabbing. Make sure there are no loose hairs on the brush first. Great tip is to really look at your existing texture. How big are the splatters? Begin in the center then dab dab dab out away from center. You don't want to cover completely. Knockdown texture is uniform splats of texture, not solid coating. Dip, shake and dab like this all the way around patch. Remember to go beyond the patch onto the existing texture lighter and lighter so it will blend with the old texture. Wait a few minutes till it sets up a bit. Now look at the texture again. which direction is it "knocked down". Use a 6" putty/drywall knife. Do not start at one side and just pull across to the other. Smearing and more smearing will occur. Start on the outside edge and lightly flaten in the same direction as existing. Gradually move towards center. Make sure your final step it pulling in the same direction as existing texture. And remember to hold the knife almost flat to the surface like buttering bread. This should do the trick. If not, in my area anyway, $50 - $75 will have it repaired in about 30 minutes. Ready for paint.

Big Bob 10-11-2007 09:57 AM

sometimes less is more or (morebetter).

Try spackle and artists brush and small knife.
paint spackle in your smooth clean holes or grooves. Comeback after spackle is dry and work texture to blend. If ceiling had been painted prime repair and paint area to blend.

good luck

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