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tomseeley 03-21-2011 01:10 PM

Means/Richardson construction cost estimate lookup help please
I'm a homeowner who needs to get a small exterior concrete job done. When I managed large $100MM+ construction projects for a living, my team would do the estimating for me! We used Means, Richardson, etc., to do construction time and cost estimates once we had done material takeoffs, etc. Now, I don't have access to that data, so I wonder if someone who does would be willing to look up a little data for me.

I have three tasks I want to have done:

1. Break up a 4" thick concrete slab outside my back door, so I can install a newer larger slightly deeper one to become the foundation for a mortared flagstone wall. The slab is 15' x 14'. About how many hours would an experienced person using a "typical jackhammer" need to do that properly, safely, etc. One long side of the slab butts up to the concrete block house foundation and there are doors, siding, and windows on that wall that would need protecting, also.

2. Form and place new concrete where the old slab was, to make a new 4" thick slab, about 250 sq ft, using 3000# concrete, on undisturbed South Carolina red clay subbase; no compacted gravel.

3. Place and compact gravel to a compacted depth of 4" to make the foundation for the new slab in #2 above.

For all 3 steps I'm interested in labor hours. If anyone can give me a rough estimate of concrete cost for #2 and gravel cost for #3 also, that'd be gravy!


woodworkerjeff 03-21-2011 01:36 PM

I have used Means but do not have access to it right now. They do have a 7 day free trial on their site you may be interested in though:

Good luck with your project!

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