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Telkwa 08-10-2010 10:50 AM

Masonry - river rock to concrete
Good morning to everyone -

I'm on a dial-up connection so it's a real pain to search all over. Anyone who's got some good links please post and I'll try to catch up. If anyone wants to take the time to answer these basic questions with specific help that would be super.

We're building some pond-related structures. We have four freshly poured 12" diameter sonotube-type piers. I'd like to cover them with small river rock. Is that a fairly friendly newbie-type project?

Also just finished building a "wishing well" structure out of two pieces of 3' tall Sonotube. Slipped a 24" tube inside a 36" tube and filled the gap. It sure woulda been less mud and sweat involved if I coulda found a piece of 30" tube instead of 24" but I couldn't so we went with what an electrical contractor had laying around. The local concrete supply house wanted to sell me full length tubes in those diameters. Uh, not today thank you.

We scrounged around at a local quarry and brought home a pile of river rock (actually it's probably all rock dumped off during the last Ice Age, when the Puget Lobe glacier quit and retreated) that's got either flat faces or even concave faces that fit very nicely to the round concrete "well". I'm in the process of washing and scrubbing them.

Any guidance on how to mortar these river rocks to the concrete "well" would be awesome. We have a Home Depot nearby where I can get Type S mortar, portland cement, "professional grade" crack-resistant mortar (all Quikcrete brands). Other sources are within reach - Mutual Materials in Olympia, etc.

I have some basic tools - one 6" pointing tool, some notched trowels, one of those little "S" shaped finishing doohickies that you rub across the nearly finished joints, a squeezebag. Now if I just knew what to do with them...

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