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snowfall 05-02-2011 10:14 AM

Making a waterproof/weatherproof enclosures for a network camera & its power hub
I recently bought a network camera that I put on a tripod and set up outdoors to record outdoor time lapse videos as part of a project. The camera itself is "splash-resistant" (IPX4) and can be used outdoors but is meant to be installed under eaves or something similar, not fully exposed to the elements. The camera is powered by two ethernet cables and an AC adapter; the first ethernet cable runs back and plugs into one end of a "Power Transfer Unit" which is a small lightweight box-like thing about 3 inches square and a second ethernet cable plugs into the other end of the Power Transfer Unit and runs back to plug into the router inside. The AC adapter also connects to the Power Transfer Unit and then plugs into any ordinary socket.
I'd like to be able to weatherproof the camera and the Power Transfer Unit so that they can remain outdoors without any major worries; what would be the best way to do this?

I don't think the camera itself has to be fully enclosed, it just should have something above, behind and to the sides of it (while still allowing enough room to adjust it as needed). The Power Transfer Unit and its AC adapter are not waterproof and are meant solely for indoor use but it would be a lot easier to keep it outdoors since otherwise I have to have the ethernet cable running through the entire length of my house. I was thinking of some kind of Rubbermaid storage container that I could put it in with three holes; one for the first ethernet cable, one for the second and one for an extension cord that I'd plug into the AC adapter inside the container and then have running back out to the nearest outlet. I'm just not sure how I'd waterproof something like that, or how I'd easily cut the right sized holes. Another important factor is that none of these things can be permanent, i.e. no silicon spray or permanent sealant/adhesive that would keep either the camera or the power transfer unit permanently enclosed; I've got to be able to take them out again in case I need to return them or when I want to use the camera indoors or in a tight location where the enclosure might get in the way.

Thanks in advance for any ideas and help!

btw here's a pic of the camera & power transfer unit for reference:

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