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mremail1964 01-19-2010 09:28 AM

Main beam is tilted.
I have a split level home and I have recently noticed that the stair case leading to the third level seems to have dropped 1/8 of an inch. I see this because of the molding surrounding the staircase is still where it was. I went down to the basement and noticed the main beam is tilted. If I had to guess I would say that there is a 15 to 20 degree tilt. The lolly columns (2 for the 23' span) have steel plates that over hang the 3 2x10 sister-ed beam and are not secured to the beam. The bottom of the columns are in the slab and look to be 3" steel, filled with cement Is this something I could try to fix on my own, and if so how would I go about doing it?

tpolk 01-19-2010 09:32 AM

if you have no building/carpentry experience find someone qualified with good ref to look at it. this could hurt you. can you post pics?

mremail1964 01-19-2010 11:48 AM

Main beam is tilted
I will post pics tonight.

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