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drewgold 05-26-2012 12:42 AM

Looking for feedback on deck expansion
Hi there, I am trying to plan a small deck expansion at the front of my condo. I want to expand on the existing deck but have somewhat of a challenging situation as I am restricted to what I can alter by my condo association. They have approved an expansion granted that it is built to code but will not allow installation of new posts and footings to support the expansion which would be the easiest approach.

The deck is roughly 10' high and supported by two 6x6 posts and one 4x4 post (Don't ask me why they used one random 4x4!)

I'm curious how much I can cantilever the beams and/or if the expansion can be supported sufficiently by 45 degree angled beams that go from the edge of the expansion to the existing posts. Please see my attached diagram(s) they are roughly to scale.

Hopefully it's clear as mud!

CrossWorks 05-26-2012 04:50 AM

With 28 views and no responses or suggestions, it appears everyone has a 10' pole in hand.

Drew this one has liability implications all over it imo. The fact that the Condo Assoc insists that no new holes be dug is well.......I'll leave my opinion in check on that one. But they certainly have you cornered on this one. I can see a scenario where you are able to use the existing posts to support your addition, but an on-site assessment is certainly needed.

I don't feel this addition cannot be achieved, however I do believe a creative approach is certainly needed. It's good that the deck is 10' off the ground, because this will allow for an angle support of a decent length which you need. I would replace the 4x4 with a 6x6 first thing.

If I knew how to use Google sketch I'd certainly make an attempt on drawing my solution, but I don't have the knowledge on using the program at this point.

drewgold 05-26-2012 10:31 AM

Thanks for your reply,

Haha, don't get me started on condo associations! It sounds like it may be time to bring in a professional then. The big challenge (to me) is the upper right corner in the diagram. Trying to support that beam with a post that is too close to the house is a real challenge. I do realize that the way it is now is far from ideal and probably no where near code.

My only thought about how to make the beam work would be to double up the ledger on that side of the house and 'tuck' the 2x6's or (2x8's) under that where they meet the house, go over the 4x4 (or new 6x6) post and support the cantilevered end with a large angled support.

cortell 05-26-2012 01:39 PM

Most building jurisdictions allow a max cantilever of 24" without an engineered design. If you get an engineer to draw up and stamp a design that exceeds the prescriptive limit, then the building dept will usually be happy with that. You'd of course want to check with them before you spend money on an engineer.

What you're trying to do is play engineer. You may be totally on the money with your brace design, but guess what...the building dept isn't going to trust it, or mentor your engineering guess.

concretemasonry 05-26-2012 02:01 PM

The use the existing deck and then add a cantilever, you will have to sister all joists quite a way back with through bolts. This is evn if you are under the 24" maximum. The 36" will take an engineer, who will also have to determine what to do and the connection and support for the 36" extension.

Our HOA requires that the exterior of ever townhouse unit cannot be modified and the doors, windows and storm have to match existing and others but the existing brick on each 4 unit building is somewhat different but familiar. The doors and windows are oversize unit and not available at HD. One owner put in an undersized, cheap door and it took about 2 days before he was told to do it by the HOA since many neighbors complained about lowering property values due to a amateur slap job that was obvious. It was a little strange since we all own our own land and can do landscaping unless it interferes with the HOA lawn maintenance service. - These are not high buck units and are 1980 two story, 1400 sf units and the HOA maintains the exterior including deck maintenance/rebuilding.

Is this a condo unit in a building with others? - If so, you were lucky to get a permit to change the appearance of the front of the unit. Before you get close to expanding come up with drawings that the HOA can re-approve to eliminate any problems.


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