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Talked to the builder of the house and it turns out that he did a pretty good job on the driveway. It is actually 5" thick with rebar over gravel and is the same concrete they used for the foundation (decent sized aggregate throughout). It is built on over a foot and a half of compacted road base that he trucked in to raise the house and driveway from its original position. Turns out he also trucked in about 6" of dirt to fill over the clay ridden base soil of the rest of the property. The driver took it slow and stayed away from the edges and there isn't a crack in the concrete. Worked out great I must say. Since I had some other work to do I rented a small front end loader and made quick work of the pile.

Turns out the gazebo and swing set in the middle of my yard are also sitting on 5" of concrete with rebar. Couldn't break them for the life of me with a big sledge or the bucket and now I know why. I'm going ot have to rent a jackhammer to get rid of them. The only thing that I found that was bad is it looks like the builder put down plastic sheeting (thick stuff, maybe 6 or 8 mils?) underneath all the soil he brought it. I know clay doesn't drain very well but my grass is basically sitting on a water barrier! I wondered why the yard didn't drain quite as well as I thought it should in the lower spots (closer to the plastic). Now I have to figure out what, if anything, I want to do about that.


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for starters if the guy with the truck is telling you he is bringing you 12 cubic yrds of sand and on a twin screw truck its going to weigh 15k per axle you might want to shop around. The material itself will weigh 2500 to 3000 per yard or more, so that's up to 36k right there. He can probably only get 12k on his steer axle and probably not even that so if he is saying the tandem is 15 tons and add the steer axle, then 43000 is his gross weight. Depending on the what kind of truck he has it's going to weigh close to 20,000. That means he is claiming the material weighs around a ton per yard and in my experience that isn't likely. Actually if he has dump bed on a class 8 truck the drive axles should be 34k for the tandem and 12 on the steer. Either way he isn't being straight with you, or worse doesn't know.
Now onto the drive question. Unless you've had drainage problems around the drive or it was laid over a marsh, the weight of a bob tail load of dirt shouldn't crack it provided as I said there isn't preexisting problems. But just because it was a contractors home doesn't mean it was even done as good as the homes he built, and there could be spots where the concrete is very thin, due to lazy or inexperienced guys doing the work. Having been to the dump truck and construction business for forty years I would back in and dump the load and go on. But if I were delivering to your house, I would suggest you get them to dump off 3 to 5 yds in front and then dump the rest where you need it. If they tell you they can't dump a little here and a little there they don't know what they are doing or just don't want to. I can dump a 37 ft dump trailer in fifteen places if I want, but I normally don't because it's a pain. If they are loading out of a small private pit that's not particularly a problem, other than you getting what you pay for. Cubic yardage is no a legal measurement in any of the states I deliver to because the only way to measure it is for the loader to eyeball it and usually folks pay for 12 yrs and get ten. Anyway that's a lot about the entire project and hope some of it helps. Oh yeah, clean sand and select fill in my area actually often weigh as mu h as 3400 lbs per yard, so don't get ripped off.
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Post is seven years old. I sure hope he not still waiting for the delivery.


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