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kgbnsf 11-04-2012 12:49 AM

Likelihood of moisture problem in new finished basement

I completed my finished basement project about a year ago adding two bedrooms and a bathroom. I'm now getting worried that long term, I may end up with a moisture/mold problem. The concern stems around the fiberglass insulation added between the concrete walls and the drywall. The paper side of the insulation is on the drywall side. What do think is the likelihood that I may end up having issues 5-10 years out? I've provided some additional details below:

SF Bay Area- rains typically from Dec - April
Sump pump well stays dry until February during normal rain season (it takes a couple months of rain to have it start to fill)
Sump pump well stops filling in April for the season
Basement is 4 feet below ground, the rest is above ground
New foundation in 2000
No signs of any moisture on walls or floor (sump well fills from French drains under basement)
Humidity levels are usually 60-70% in basement
(Humidity levels are usually 55-65% in first and second floors)
Basement walls are never damp or have condensation
Exhaust fan in bathroom
2x4s touching floor or foundation walls are pressure treated
Bathroom has moisture resistant drywall, bedrooms do not
Temperature is cooler down there- 62 - 70*

I'm considering buying a dehumidifier for the basement to prevent any problems. However, comfort wise we are ok with the level of humidity as it's similar to the other floors. I'm hoping the replies will allow me to sleep easier ;-)


joecaption 11-04-2012 01:00 AM

Main thing mold needs is moisture, lower that and you should be fine.

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