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BRO931 05-01-2012 05:34 PM

Ledger and hanger both required for cantilevered joists?
I just got some info from my county building dept that does not make sense. They say that if I have cantilevered floor joists on the deck I'm planning to build, the opposite ends of the joists have to have hangers AND a ledger strip. How does that work? I figured the ledger must be required at the top of the joist (notched of course) to guard against uplift if there is too much weight on the cantilever at the other end.

The guy responded (e-mail) that the ledger can be either at the top or bottom of the joist. How the ..................?

Can anyone explain this? Never seen such in all my days.

Thanks in advance.

joecaption 05-01-2012 05:38 PM

Lets see, no picture, no drawing, it's anyones guess as to what your trying to do.

jaydevries 05-01-2012 06:09 PM

try this link

summit a drawing to them with your proposal ask them to approve or recommend any thing they do not like

normally we use one size larger than floor joist for ledger cut back siding if wood 4 inches below door for snow. slide ledger drip cap behind siding then slide ledger board up fasten accordingly to house, hang joist hangers on ledger and then hurricane hangers on cantilever beam

fasteners and hanger links

jaydevries 05-01-2012 06:24 PM

i personally do not like to do cantilever deck joist due to the appearance of the deck where joist sit on cantilever beam.

to understand what i am saying go to the treated lumber and measure width "height" of about 20 2x? that you will be using for joist and you will see normally 3/8 difference then pick them up and feel weight difference. and you tell me how to keep joist tight to beam for structural load and keep top of all joist in plain so deck does not go up and down.then what happens 5 years later when joist dry and shrink and then it looks worse and not resting on beam and being held by nails of clip

my 2 cents but only worth 1/2 a cent :thumbup:

BRO931 05-02-2012 04:52 PM

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Originally Posted by joecaption (Post 912075)
Lets see, no picture, no drawing, it's anyones guess as to what your trying to do.

Hopefully the attached image will help. I'm going to send this to the county also.

GBrackins 05-02-2012 06:50 PM


check out this site it is the Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide based upon the 2009 International Residential Code (basis for most state residential building codes).

it gives the requirements for deck construction.

GBrackins 05-02-2012 06:52 PM

some local building departments have a "hand-out" for their requirements for deck construction, check with them to see if they do.

BRO931 05-08-2012 05:25 PM

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Well, after sending the previous drawing to my county building inspector, it turns out that they want a ledger AND a hanger on the opposite end of any cantilevered joist. They don't care which is on top. You can install the hanger upside down and use a ledger at the bottom the old fashioned way if you want to. Seems odd to me. I'll definitely do as illustrated below.

Thanks for all the comments and advice. This project promises to be interesting!

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