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farrington135 09-04-2007 05:00 PM

I'm designing a pergola for a rear entry on my house. It'll be attached to the house and supported by two post. I'm designing it so it'll be just as wide as the doors. I cannot attach the ledger to a rim joist because of a soffit above the doors so I'm considering anchoring it to the 2x12 header and king studs. This is pretty much my only option. I have to submit a plan for the permit so I have to be thorough. Is the header and king studs acceptable framing for the ledger? thanks

robertcdf 09-04-2007 10:59 PM

Oh yeah that is fine for a pergola (they support very little actual weight) Now if it was a full roof with snow loading and such that might change things a little bit.

I would use ledger locks from fastenmaster as they are stronger than lag bolts and are smaller so they are less likly to split studs. (Your building department may not allow these but I would print off the engineering and ICC report from thier website before you go to get the permit)

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