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dongdong1 01-06-2011 09:05 PM

how to fix leak from inside?
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Please refer to the attached pictures.

The house is only 5 years old with walk-up basement. Basement wall is poured concrete. In raining day, two places leak pretty bad. All other place are fine. One leak is around a PVC pipe going into the house. There are a well water pipe and a power line going through the PCV pipe. The other is around the septic pipe going out the house. Both places are underground. For the leak around septic pipe, the outside of the house is a porch. No one recommend to tire down the porch to fix the leak from outside. From the pictures, you can see there are white crystallized stuff around the cement surface near the pipes. I donít see the white stuff from other place of the concrete wall. The cement around the pipes is clearly different from the cement of the concrete wall.

My questions are:

!. What can I do with the leak around the septic pipe? I can do it only from inside of the basement. This is the most headache part!:(:(:(

2. should I chisel off all the cement from inside to outside? Is it necessary? what kind chisel should I use?

3. I am planning to fix the first leak around water pipe from inside and outside. should I use hydraulic cement to fill the hole and apply roof cement from outside? should l do anything with the PVC pipe?

4. A waterproofing contractor suggested building an in-house French trench. This will cost too much. Is it an over-kill? Or the best solution?

Scuba_Dave 01-06-2011 09:14 PM

Where are you located ?

dongdong1 01-07-2011 05:54 PM


dongdong1 01-11-2011 09:15 PM


could you help with my question? Thanks a lot!

joed 01-11-2011 09:21 PM

Dig on the outside. Seal around the pipes. seal the wall. Install proper drainage tiles and stone drainage.

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