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imported_Jill 12-27-2004 11:51 AM

Knocking down internal walls
I need advice on knocking down the wall between the toilet and the bathroom, as I am moving into an old property that needs complete renovation. If someone can take me through step by step what I need to do I would be most grateful. Recently having gone through a divorce I am now moving into my own property with little experience but a lot of enthusiasm. I want to make the bathroom larger by knocking down the internal wall that currently exists between a separate lavatory and bathroom. There is a radiator on this wall in the existing bathroom which I will get a plumber to disconnect.
By knocking down this wall I will also increase the lighting in this room as I need to install replacement windows which can then run right across the existing bathroom and lavatory.
Anyway I just need to know if I can take a hammer to the wall or if I need to drill through various points on the wall and then remove it section by section.
Any help w ould be appreciated.:confused:

MgMopar 12-27-2004 12:29 PM

Hi Jill

Sound like it is a small wall. Many thinks to look out for though. The first will be make sure it is NOT a support wall. This is a little hard for me to explain in writing without righting a chapter. Most likely from what you described is s not. This is not something you want to guess on though so you should get someone with construction knowledge to at least check this part for you. Next their may be pipes or electric in the wall. If you a determined not to have the wall. the wall board can first be removed (with your hammer) carfully so if their is pluming wiring or anything else in their you can find out and can then attack (not with your hammer) each as required finally the framing would be removed with the sill and header plates. If it is a support wall disregard this info and have someone knowledgeable address this first for you.

Good Luck

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