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WillK 11-30-2010 08:13 PM

knee wall attic access doors
I wanted to see if anyone has any clean suggestions for knee wall attic access doors, right now we have 2 access doors - 1 is a piece of luan on hinges and the other is constructed from 1x boards, neither is really that cleanly executed, both are in kids bedrooms and since part of the knee wall attic is seperated from the rest by dormers, there will be 2 more access doors (necessary since these areas are necessary to access areas where work will be done in the future when I move the service panel)

stubborn1 11-30-2010 09:29 PM

How often will you need access to the space? The reason I ask is if the use is limited, I would install more of a panel than a hinged door.

When I gutted the upstairs of my bungalow last year, I finished the rough opening with 1x wood jamb stock on all four sides. I held the bottom of the opening up about 3" above the floor where I could just run the wood base by continuous and still leave a 1/4" reveal. Instead of a standard thin stop, I used full 1x stock around all four sides. I cut a panel of MDF, glued rigid insulation to the back of the panel, installed foam weatherstripping around the backside perimeter, then fastened with some screws in all corners and midpoints in the tall direction. It seems to be performing fairly well.

WillK 11-30-2010 11:11 PM

Yeah... probably the way to go, not only would I expect only to access the space once for the service move between now and 3-5 years from now when we plan to redo the second floor... I'd prefer to not have the kids getting into the space, at least the 2 smaller knee wall attic spaces. The larger spaces might need to be storage, we don't really have space otherwise for Christmas decoration type stuff, so for those I would still think doors are more appropriate.

VersaBar 11-30-2010 11:39 PM

Hell, if you are only going to need access once 3-5 years from now I would probably insulate and drywall them both closed. In 3-5 years cut a hole, squeeze between the studs, and do your work. When you're done with the work you can patch the hole, you'll probably be ready for a new coat of paint by then anyway :thumbup:

As for the other two spaces, I would just be sure that the doors are air tight and a couple layers of foam insulation are on the backsides.

WillK 12-01-2010 06:32 AM

Well what I meant is the service panel move project will be next spring or summer, then 3-5 years from now the whole second floor will be torn off.

So I'm thinking maybe I'll frame it, insulate and close it with panelling then build a bookshelf over it so openning it will be a matter of pulling finish nails and no repaint or drywalling involved in access.

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