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graysqwrl 07-13-2011 10:17 AM

kitchen floor framing with 2 x 6 question
I have a house built in 1905.

I'm remodelling the kitchen which has taken me all the way down to the joists.. which are true 2 x 6's

It has a raised foundation and two years ago, I had a new concrete perimiter poured to bring it up to code (the old foundation was brick).

Parallel to the concrete perimiter wall there is a 1 (4 x 6) girder about 7' away from the perimiter wall. The room is 11' wide.

Due to the sloping issue and the fact that if you bend wood for 100 years in one direction it doesn't just snap back to being straight the second you pour a new concrete perimiter... I'm planning to remove all of the original 2 x 6's and replace them with modern 2x6's

I'm sure new wood isn't as strong as old wood (nor is it as heavy!) So, my thoughts were to add a 2nd girder to help carry the load.

I was a little worried about 2 x 6s just because I've seen a lot of 2 x 8 construction recently and wondered if I should add something extra to beef up the floor.

Does that seem adequate?

Any other suggestions for me to look into?


Ron6519 07-13-2011 04:07 PM

Why not just sister modern 2x6's next to the bent ones to get you back to level?

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