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marin001 12-10-2010 10:41 AM

kitchen cabinet mircrowave range
dont know where to post this so its either here or carpentry. i want to install a microwave range over my stove but in order for me to do this i had to remove the cabinet above the stove so it can fit properly. just to give you a little info my house and the cabinets are old so in order for the new microwave range to fit properly i had to remove it. now there is no middle cabinet but there is a left side cabinet and a right side shelve (no cabinet). would it be wise if i constructed somewhat of a contraption where i can install a metal 'L' shape bracket on both sides and plywood going across so i can install it properly. any other suggestions would help. thanks

sausagefingers 12-10-2010 05:32 PM

That would probably work, but I'm assuming the microwave is also the ventilation for the range and putting a piece of plywood would block the airflow, you would need to cut a hole to allow it to work. And you would also have to make sure to attach these L brackets to studs, and since over range microwaves are typically 30" wide you'll only find one stud to attach to, so you'll need to use some heavy duty wall anchors to attach the other bracket. The only other problem I see is the aesthetics of it all, it just doesn't sound like a great looking solution. But if you don't mind, or better yet like the way it looks then go for it.

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