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davidia1965 09-06-2005 12:27 PM

Just a general question (drywalling)
When hanging drywall, on two sides you have tapered edge. The other two sides are un-tapered. When mudding what tech is used to keep everything looking smooth or is it in the hanging of the drywall trying to bump a tapered edge to non tapered edge??????????? Always seem to have a lump with the two nontapered edges

JustaFramer 09-06-2005 02:23 PM

Use a 12 in knife to feather out from the tape. It will take a few times to get it right. But don't be afraid to put it on a little thick and sand it down. Don't want to sand alot of mud off either.
Another thing I like to do is run a blade at a beveled angle down the edge of the non tappered egdes. But only when the edges don't meet flush. And get the tape as flat against the wall as possible.

mjswindows 09-06-2005 05:42 PM

Haning drywall
When you hang drywall you try to keep the tapered edges together so you won't have that bump.

KenTheHandyMan 09-06-2005 09:50 PM

Here is a little trick that you can do as well. Yes, the tapered edges must butt together. If you have an 8' ceiling, you can usually hange the drywall vertically. This will mean that you will only have tapered seams to finish. Now, I have seen DIYers even 'hump' the tapered seams, but it is definately tougher to mess those up than the end butt seams.

Either way, finishing drywall is an art. Even pros have some 'hump' but it is generally less noticable. Always finish with a good bright halogen light casting along the wall, it shows up areas that need attention.

Builtrite Residential 09-13-2005 02:50 PM

On butt joints 2nd coat I would use a 8 or 10 " knife running a bead of mud tapering leaving around a 1" dry spot through middle of tape let dry fill middle I have a hard time explaining this procedure . I did read it explained in fine homebuilding magazine close to the way I am trying to explain if you are interested I am sure they would have this issue in there archives. I think they called it how to run an invisible seam drywall. I guess for the diy running drywall vertically would be the way to go.

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