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handy man88 10-28-2007 05:19 PM

Joist Hangers
I'm looking for joist hangers that are 12" in length. I need these because my house has TGI's (engineered Ibeams) and in one area, the TGI's are secured onto a header board, not on top of a solid steel beam or concrete wall.

I can use laminate board to fill the beam's cavity, but there are no joist hangers long enough to be found at Home Depot because their joist hangers are for boards. Is there a site online to buy them?

2 x 12 joist hangers (two)
double 2 x 12 joist hangers (one)

robertcdf 10-28-2007 10:12 PM

Simpson makes them. White cap should have them or your local REAL lumber yard. Worse comes to worse you could special order them from HD. what I imagine you are looking for is a top flange hanger (this may or may not work depending upon size of your ledger) It should be speced on your stamped plans from your building department. If you need to find the exact number goto and poke around till you find it. (11 7/8" is your joists size)

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