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Big Jim 10-30-2007 04:10 PM

join plywood to drywall
Here's one for rockers out there: Given the differences in absorption and expansion/contraction, is it possible to join plywood and drywall on a wall without any problems (other than normal) if proper priming and taping techniques are used; and if so what are these techniques?

AtlanticWBConst. 10-30-2007 06:51 PM

Like any lumber, as long as the plywood isn't damp, there shouldn't be any problems. We've done it many times on a home's addition walls (S/R onto OSB).

RippySkippy 10-31-2007 07:49 AM

It's a piece of cake. Tape as normal, using paper tape, when you tape, make sure you have wet mud as the plywood will suck up the moisture a bit quicker than DW, make sure the tape is embedded properly. I would encourage you to skim coat the plywood during one of the topping layers. Sand as though it were drywall, prime when you prime the drywall, and texture when you do the drywall. If you do it right, it won't look one bit different than drywall.

For those that may not see the application for this, how about basement steps that turn at the bottom. How many kids run down the stairs and either run into the wall or it's a favorite place to toss a ball or play. Or when moving stuff up or down the stairs, the DW gets a hole poked in it accidentally? With plywood, the landing area can take the abuse. I've done this on 3 different houses, and if the next house needs it, it'll get it.

localtradesman 10-31-2007 02:12 PM

No Problem
As was stated .... tape and finish just like anyother drywall will be fine. Skim the whole area of the plywood. I have done this many times. No worries..

AtlanticWBConst. 10-31-2007 03:24 PM

I thought the OP was referring to installing sheetrock "over" OSB.

The two can be combined....but why not rip the OSB off and install S/R?


RippySkippy 11-01-2007 06:50 AM

I "thought" he's was talking about butting it up edge to edge....but dunno. Big Jim -- what say you?

Big Jim 11-06-2007 07:55 AM

Sorry for the late reply; I've been out of town. The application was edge-to-edge, as described in the stairwell example.

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