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Interior French Drain

I have an unconditioned storage area underneath my rear concrete porch. The storage area is accessible from both the outside and basement.

I had water issues in it when I first moved in, and had an interior french drain and sump pump installed. The blocks were full of water, and when they drilled the holes at the bottom of the wall, water flowed into the gravel/drain. It's been dry ever since the system was installed, however, I get excessive humidity and condensaton during the cold winter months.

Initially, I thought that the concrete ceiling was seeping water from rain/snowfall that accumulated on the porch floor. Last summer, I waterproofed the concrete floor, but still had moisture issues this past winter. I realized that what I was dealing with was excessive humidity in the room, and purchased a dehumidifier that operates at low temperatures. Except when it got too cold in the room (mid-30's F) for the dehumidifer, the room has stayed dry.

I am wondering if warm humid air can be sneaking in along the wall/floor joint where they install the egg crate looking plastic so water that does flow down the wall, flows through this gap instead of onto the floor.

If warm humid air can be infiltrating in this area, can I seal it up with a polurethane type caulk?

My thinking is that I only have condensation issues now, and any water that is getting in the concrete block is exiting via the weep holes drilled below the floor surface....then flowing into the french drain. I'm guessing I can eliminate most of the condensation if warm humid air is sneaking in along the break between the wall and floor.

BTW---a majority of the condensation accumulates on the ceiling along the perimeter of the exterior walls. In really bad build ups, not only does it drip onto the floor, but runs down the walls making the walls appear as if they are also leaking.


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is the ceiling insulated?


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if i'm understanding what you've posted, that 'eggcrate ' stuff's under the replaced conc & sticks up against the wall 4 or 5", right ? ? ? that's where you imagine the cold air's coming from ? ? ? { later on, tell us how you waterproof'd the floor, ok ? } doubt that's the cold air infiltration - how would any moving air get in there ? ? ? you can seal the top of the ' miradrain { 1 trade name for that stuff } w/acrylic caulk but then where's the water go when it runs down the walls ? ? ?

better off keeping a 250w light bulb burning imho, insulate the ceiling either w/blue-pink foam sheets interior or exterior if possible, or leave the door open ? ? ?
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Thanks for the replies.

1) No, the ceiling is not insulated. I thought about installing some pink foam board on it??? What is recommended glue to hold it? I know some stuff will eat away at the pink board.

2) Yes, the "miradrain" is what I was referring to. It only sticks up maybe 2-3" at most. I was thinking that warm moist air from the ground could seep up?

3) If it weren't for the condensation on the ceiling, then there would not be any water running down the walls.

4) The storage space is all concrete block, with a concrete ceiling (underside of porch). This was an addition made by the previous owner. No idea what kind of drainage/waterproofing previous owners installed when the addition was put on. The original exterior brick wall of the house is now an interior wall in this storage space. New doors are installed and seal well. If I turn off the dehumidifer, the humidity in the room climbs back up to about 60-70%! Where is this humidity coming from then----especially in the dead of winter?

5) I painted on the clear concrete waterproofing liquid on the exterior porch floor. I originally thought that maybe the rain/snow that laid on the proch was seeping through the concrete---being how porous it is.

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