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kindofsudden 11-07-2012 04:42 AM

interior construction project question
I am new to DIY construction and I have an existing 60x40 pole barn. I don't need that much barn, but want to build some living area in the back 12 feet (making the living area 40x12). The side walls are 18 feet tall I believe, so I would like to make this living area 2 stories tall to maximize the space.

The areas I would like to build are an office, a full bath, a bar, a bedroom, and a studio. The barn has 100 amp electric service and lines for propane and water. I plan on contracting out the plumbing because I don't trust myself with that part. The construction and electric I am doing myself.

The question I have is how to start. At this point I have graphed out my rooms for both levels keeping in mind the location of the water source and where it will be used in the new rooms. Do I bring in the plumber before I start laying the framing? Do I frame everything out first? Is there a good "construction project walkthrough" online that would be of help?

Thanks in advance!

ddawg16 11-07-2012 07:37 AM

Contact your local permit office and see what they require.

A few things your going to have to take into account.....

1. Do you know how thick the foundation is? Putting in a 2-story room may require some additional foundation work.
2. Plumbing? Is there a current sewer drain there?
3. Power....chances are the sub to the barn is large enough....but you have to make sure you have enough.
4. Location? (helps to put it in your profile). Your location may require additional in anchor bolts and tie downs if you were in California.

Of the above....I see foundation being your biggest potential issue.

So...go see your local building office...then give us an update......oh, pictures help.

oh'mike 11-07-2012 07:54 AM

One minor consideration---the bedroom must have a window large enough for an adult to escape the room---

Consult with the plumber before you start framing----he may wish to have the slab opened before the framing starts.

kindofsudden 11-07-2012 09:34 AM

Planning on several windows including the bedroom. Permits aren't a problem here in Indiana, so we are all set there.

There is an existing drain in the middle of the barn.

Not sure how thick the foundation is, but it sounds like the next step is to get a plumber out here to determine if the foundation needs to be altered at all. Am I right that the foundation issues are potentially structural (local codes) and plumber-related?

oh'mike 11-07-2012 09:47 AM

You are adding some weight onto the slab----you don't want the slab sinking and cracking----

Also---the floor drain may not be hooked into your septic---if that is the case---the plumber needs to see what is the cheapest and simplest way to get the sewage to a septic system===

joecaption 11-07-2012 09:51 AM

The building should still be but to code, permit needed or not.
How do you know there is no permit needed? Do not rely on second hand info, that can get real expencive quick.
Zoning also comes into plan, and in most areas the health dept. gets involved.
Set backs, septic, location of well from the septic, how many bedrooms in relationship to the septic.
The plumber is going to be looking at the size of the drain, location of the drain, where the supply comes in compaired to where it needs to be and the size of the line to name just a few things.
All your supporting walls are going to need footings that are below the frost line. So in most cases that would involve cutting the slab, poring footings with rebar. All need to be done to your local codes.

Keep in mind most of the people on here replying to you do this stuff for a living, no one's trying to pick on you, just trying to help you realise the reality in real life how things need to be done.

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