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tbonfig 07-02-2010 02:18 PM

Interesting Project - Outdoor Smoking Area
Hey everyone.

First time poster and just recently joined. I currently live in a household with 1 smoker and 3 non-smokers. The layout of the house is 3 floors and the smoker lives on the first floor which is right by front door. Currently the smoker, "John", steps outside his room, and out the front door and smokes in front of the house. The area directly in front of the house in which he smokes at has a small awning which is about 6' x 6'. Directly above the area in which he smokes is the main living room. Sometimes the smell of smoke comes through the windows in the living room and it also is impossible to just have the windows open on a nice breezy day without smoke infiltrating the house.

My question to the folks here is: do any of you have any recommendations on how to make this front area more "smoker friendly". My goals are two-fold: 1.) Construct a way to draw the smoke away from the front of the house; and 2.) Make this area rainy/winter friendly (we live in the Northeast).

My very rough, rookie ideas (don't have much experience in creative construction work) are as following. I think the second goal is easier to achieve than the first and I was thinking about at the least, adding one of those kerosene heaters that you find at a restaurant with outdoor heating. For the rainy/wet portion I was thinking about the possibility of adding fiberglass from the awning to the retaining wall which corners the front area.

For the first goal, this is the more difficult of the two, at least from my point-of-view, and hopefully you all can prove me wrong!. My very rough, initial idea is to install some sort of fan/vacuum into the ceiling of the awning and connect a pipe to the fan. This pipe would be run underneath the eaves along the first floor of the house and would maybe even run up to the roof (too ambitious perhaps?). In my mind, when John goes to smoke outside, he'd hit the switch, turn the fan on and the smoke would begin to be sucked into the pipe, which would be carried all the way out to the end, safely away from the living room windows.

John gets to smoke, we don't have smoke coming in the house, everyone's happy.

So, how easy could this be? Has anyone ever attempted something like this?

I'd really prefer not receiving comments about, well just deal with him smoking or, just help him quit. John is a suffering schizophrenic and unfortunately smoking is one of the few things that can help his mind relax.

Thanks everyone in advance and I look forward to the advice!!

Willie T 07-02-2010 04:01 PM

Google "Smoke Eater".

Jim F 07-02-2010 08:14 PM

Tell "John" this is his new designated smoking area

Failing that, maybe a gazebo.

Axxion Jackson 04-06-2012 04:32 PM

Cigarette smoke diversion

Don't know if you had any luck building your Rube Goldberg device. Let me know if you did!!!

There are smoke-eater style air purifiers that are used to suck the smoke out of the air. Some are commercial grade (bars, clubs, etc.) and others are smaller units for home. From reading the reviews, you want a charcoal dust filter AND a HEPA filter to catch the dust particles (sounds like a two stage filter system to me ... hmmmm, wonder if a THREE stage unit would work better.)

The reason I mention this - if you don't build your fan-to-suck-the-smoke away from the window device, then maybe one of these filters near your living room window might work.

I have a similar problem. Live in a condo. My next door neighbours smoke and the people below me smoke on their balcony and it finds its way onto MY balcony and into my den/office through the patio screen door. BIG screen x double smoke creation =lots of stink. Yuck.

My options, don't use my balcony. Install fans to aim the smoke back at them - hard to do - to the side and below ... hmmm, how many fans is that? 27th floor has variable wind conditions. Man, I'm not an engineer and I just want the problem to go away....

So, I'm leaning towards a smoke pot - a balcony firepit in a ceramic base to burn the 2nd hand smoke vapours / intermingle nicer smells into the air when I'm outside. And a smoke eater air purifier for inside the den/office for when I'm working ...

Will post once I find the cure. Hope you do the same!


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