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SaDan 05-08-2010 10:26 PM

Insulation in Garage Attic ?
Hello all, I am kinda new to this so I figured that I would start of by saying I am not 100% for sure if this is even in the correct area. There were a few to choose from so I gave it my best shot. What I am talking about, or going to be talking about is already constructed so if this is not right please direct me to the proper place.

The question is, I have a two story house that has a 25' long x 18' wide garage. An upstairs bedroom covers 15' of the garage. The rest is shingled and there is a small attic space above the remaining 10 foot. The joists are 24 inches off center running left to right (or right to left Grin) if you were inside the garage facing the garage door. There was not a hole in the ceiling till I cut one to see if there was any insulation. Glad I did because there was not and there except for up against the room wall. So I put R19 insulation in between the joists.

There is a small (12 to 15 inch) circle with a grate type thing on it facing the street for ventilation I guess.

I have placed insulation up against this wall in the attic but did not cover the circle vent, because it faces the street and the sun hits is after about 12:45pm or so till the sun goes down. The sun also hits the shingled part of the garage and it gets REAL HOT in the garage on a regular 85 - 100 degree day.

I have complained enough to the wife so that she is now thinking of not giving me to much grief when I get an air conditioner for the garage. I have looked at portable AC units as well as window / wall units. And I am STILL stumped as to which to get.

The problems are nto only the Home Owners Association, but I'm not even sure if I want to CUT a hole in the wall in the garage to place a wall unit or if it is a better idea to just go on a get a portable one. I have seen that a wall/window unit is 12000 BTU at $299.00 and the Portable AC is 9000 BTU but it is ALSO priced at $299.00.

Now I KNOW I can cut a hole in the wall. I'm good at making holes. Grin... I'm just not sure if I get it approved by the H.O.A. is this a good idea. The portable one is about the correct size as it will cool about 300 feet. Where as the wall unit will cool about 550 feet. So this is kinda my FIRST problem.

I would like to know as many peoples thoughts about the pro's and cons of each and any suggestions they might have as to what I should do AND WHY ? The WHY to me is important.

The biggest two things I can think of is that Bigger is better and it won't tax the system as much, and the other is that a portable AC is PORTABLE. I can move it where and when I want to.

OK, anyone want to take a crack at this very LONG WINDED pot of mine. I have not even gotten to the part where I'm not even sure if the side walls are insulated or not ?

And if it makes a differance or not , I would like ANY comments that might give me a bit of your insight on my problems here.

Thank You for getting this far on this post, (Grin)


BTW - I WANT to be in the garage more because I do a bit of woodworking and Custom LED Lighting Fixtures, and at times it's just to hot to even THINK of being out there.

High Gear 05-09-2010 01:24 AM

A picture is worth a thousand words comes to mind here. :)

I think you have hot attic temps coming into your garage.

You need to separate it with a ceiling and insulate and also check for

adequate venting in your attic.

Probably won't need an air unit after that.

SaDan 05-09-2010 05:44 AM

Here is what I made when I was looking to figure this out. IT IS NOT a good drawing but it can give you an idea of what I'm talking about. (I hope Grin)

OK SO i tried to click on the link to put the image on it and it did not work. It's on my hard drive and not ont eh net so not sure how to go from here. No Biggie.


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