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MyEvilBanana 01-29-2011 10:01 AM

insulating problems in bongalow closet & attic
I have a story and a half bungalow with an addition that has a partically finished attic above it (which is just used for storage). This attic is insulated under the flooring and between the rafters. Then the rafters and insulation was covered by 3/8" plywood and stained. There is a small window in the attic with a wall vent above it. In addition to this there is a walk in closet on the second floor which was insulation and finished in the same way with a small window but no vent.
They both get horrible hot in the summer and unbearable cold in the winter. The attic over the addition also has large ice dams in the rain gutters most of the winter. They both have this old dryed out wood smell to them. My biggest concern is the ice.
What can I do to fix these problems?

MyEvilBanana 01-30-2011 09:01 AM

Oh I stated the plywood paneling wrong its not 3/8" plywood it's 1/4" and looking more closely at the closet half of the peaked ceiling has little in any insulation. Don't konw why I didn't pay attention to it but the plywood on the one side has to be about on the roof sheeting. Nice huh
Figured this wouldn't be an easy fix. Been digging around on-line my, best guess from what I found is : there's no air space between the insulation and roof, not enough insulation, and in the attic area at least the sofets are blocked... this sound like a good guess? I won't know for sure till I rip it all out fun fun. Any other insights?
I was also thinking adding a radiant barrier to the closet. But if I read right it will need an air space of it's own to work properly. So I'd proble lower the ceiling alittle if I can and set it up as... roof * air space * radiant barrier * air space * insulation * drywall ???

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