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Dude 03-03-2010 12:24 PM

Insulating poured concrete basement walls
I live in Missouri (midwest) 4 seasons. I have read that I should use at least 1-1/2 thick rigid foam board Polystyrene Blue board by DOW glued w a approved adhesive to concrete wall. Covering from top to bottom taping joints with Tyvek tape. My question is at the bottom of the wall I have a 1/2 inch gap between the wall and the floor with a plastic lip sticking out. I think this is to catch water if it were to run down the wall an take it to the sump. I do not have leaks.
Do I seal this up? or leave open stopping the blue board above it?
Also I have a (RMS) Radon Mitigation System installed. If I block the gap off will it effect the RM system?
Can I use the rigid insulation around the perimeter of the basement walls if some of the walls for instants the back walls have no dirt against them and the front have does. In other words I have a walk out basement. Do I have to insulate them differently?
As I understand the walls with dirt on the outside dry to the inside and the walls with out dirt against them dry to the outside.
Any instruction on installing windows in concrete wall would be helpful.
I do know the city I live in requires a egress window to be no less than 5 square feet or 820 square inches. I need cutting concrete instruction.

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