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scooterw 09-15-2008 08:57 PM

insulating a garage ceiling, a bit different question
Hello, I've read a few other threads on this but this is my situation. I live in Vt. and have a garage with a upstairs storage area, I want to insulate just the first floor and leave the 2nd unheated. I don't want to finish the first floor ceiling after I insulate it. I was wondering if I should use foil faced insulation, other ideas? I read not to use paper or foam as it is somewhat combustiable and I do use this as a workshop.
any ideas appreicated...a dyi'er:thumbup:

Termite 09-15-2008 09:45 PM

Hi Scooter-

You're absolutely correct that the kraft paper face on insulation will catch fire like crazy. It is like an oil-soaked rag!

As for foam...Remember that Rhode Island nightclub fire? Same stuff. I've you've never seen that video (which is hard to watch in its entireity), you'll never put foamboard in any exposed location.

There are some foil-faced fiberglass insulations that are fire/ignition safe, and some are not. Yes, there is foil that will ignite, as strange as it sounds. I think the vast majority are safe, but the packaging will definately tell you whether it can be exposed or not. There is some pretty nice reinforced foil faced insulation that is a lot like ripstop nylon, only it is foil. Not sure of the brand though. I know for a fact that it can be left exposed.

Why the opposition to finishing the ceiling? Even if you don't tape and mud it, sheetrock would sure make it cleaner looking, and would probably really help keep dust down. Sheetrock's pretty inexpensive. Just a thought.

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