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Chemist1961 12-09-2009 08:09 AM

Insulating Cold Storage below slab porch
Today's temp is +34F with wet snow , but winter here can hit -25 to -30, or more. Summer average 85+ , nestled between the Great Lakes for extra humidity
I have an uninsulated concrete basement/ 35 year old home in early prep stage for wall insulation with a well sealed/R30 insulated rim joist above the wall abutting a slab porch and 6 x 9 uninsulated walk in corner cold storage below.
I do not need this room to be cold, so I am debating insulating the inside and slab ceiling versus insulating the surrounding basement wall.
Problem here is I have both water supply and main plumbing and drain pipes against the adjoining interior basement wall. I also want to install a 54" drain water heat recovery unit on my drain pipe as well.
My first instinct is to tuck 1" R10 rigid foil faced iso-foam behind the plumbing and isolate the cold room to reflect the basement heat back inward.
Plan B would be to insulate the entire cold room wall and ceiling thereby enhancing the warm side effect where the plumbing now sits against the basement wall.
Looking for some pros and cons

ccarlisle 12-09-2009 08:20 AM

Cold rooms aren't meant to be warm, so seal them off insulation-wise. Mike Holmes had a show on this...

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