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canoes 01-31-2012 06:40 PM

insulating basement ceiling-yes? no? Antimold on basement floor
I'm having a contractor finish my basement. One of the options is insulating the ceiling for $850.
Background-fairly small house is built into steep hill in N Ga hills. Back is all underground, front looks like a first floor with lots of windows and complete walkout and deck. The front will be a bedroom suite with sitting area and the back will be storage and laundry. I spend winters here.
The house is in a reserve/forest and power outages are common. I'm planning to put a propane heater in the basement for backup and hope it will help heat top of house since I only have propane logs upstairs.

Half the back was insulated by previous owner-about 250 sq feet.

1.Should I insulate the rest of the ceiling? He said it would help with heating bills and make downstairs more comfortable. I'd mainly thought of having the extra heat upstairs and hadn't thought of this.
2. If I should, could I insulate it myself? It doesn't look hard. Would I just wait for them to do the wiring?
3. I know you don't like to give prices, but doesn't that seem steep for just fiberglass insulation for about 600 sq ft?

When the house was hit by the tornado in the spring and had water damage to the walls, the insurance inspector recommended spraying the wood with antimold solution before reinsulating it.
I've wondered about spraying the concrete before they install the floating floor. Any thoughts on that?

joecaption 01-31-2012 06:46 PM

There's no reason to insulate that ceiling. That would make it two seperate zones.
It would help if you would add the $ sign where talking about dollars.

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