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Marcino 10-10-2006 12:23 AM

Insulated concrete forms
If you know ANYTHING about ICFs, I want to know. Tell me your stories, experience, ideas, view on the concrete industry based on iCFs, etc. Pictures? Love 'em. Live in an ICF home? Dope. Tell me about it. Have you built one? Even better.

joasis 10-10-2006 05:04 AM

Why all the questions? Are you planning an ICF home? Everything except personal experiences can be found on Reward Wall's excellent web site, or insulating concrete homes webpages.

concretemasonry 10-10-2006 11:01 AM

Insulated concrete forms
joasis -

ICFs can give you a wonderful home and you would never want to live in wood again.

While it looks easy to stack up the light blocks, it is really not a DIY project unless you have experienced friends or hire help when it comes time to brace the forms and pour the concrete. If you pour too fast in one area or do not have proper bracing (it can take a lot), the wall will move and you will not be able to bring it back into place.

You will need to have the concrete pumped and have a vibrator for placement. You will also need patience when pouring and be willing to pay a little extra for truck waiting time if you pour slowly and correctly.

ICFs have the same problems with concrete placement (usually too wet and not vibrated) that normal poured walls have. The problem is that you cannot see the problems because the forms are left in place. This can be serious in the case of a basement.

With a basement, drain tile (preferably inside and outside) is necessary because of the difficulty in waterproofing.

Make sure you understand everything, are not afraid to ask question and are willing to hire help and equipment and you can end up with a superior home.

The Reward site is one of the best. Some of the systems were developed by plastic molders that only have experience making foam plastic meat trays for the local supermarket. Look for a good system with technical and installation support and do not just go with one because a local concrete guy sells the forms or collects a royalty.


joasis 10-10-2006 12:49 PM

Concrete: You missed the original question. I am set up with Reward and Buildblock, plus I am certified in ICF construction. I have been in love with the system since I first saw it...I think it will be a major force in construction in the years to come.

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