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IMHO I believe your money would be better spent on updating the electric in

the ceiling and then properly insulating the ceiling rather than trying to

upgrade the garage side walls.

Foam needs to be covered with rock , so now your building a stud wall besides.

If your not heating the garage ,the walls are actually helping to heat it in the cold of the winter.

Huh What !! Think about it , the walls ( opposite the earth ) below the

frost line ( 18" ) are around a constant55-57f and you outside temps are 30-40f .

The only heating source is your warm engine block when you pull in.

You may get a 10 to 15 degree rise ( for a while ), the walls aren't hurting

you in this respect.

Nothing wrong about insulating the garage in the future if you want to

heat it and work out there ect just don't see it helping your floors much .


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I installed some foam board (EPS) on the garage door today, which is already making a huge difference in the ambient temp of the garage, which is nice for my projects (I don't currently park in it, too much misc stuff laying around).

I hear what you are saying about covering the foam, and wasn't sure if that was required or not in a garage. I also understand the comment about the earth actually warming the garage, and took that into consideration. I was only planning on putting up any insulation on the top 2 feet of both long walls, as well as the vertical (~2ft wide) strips on the side of the door, as these are the places that are either exposed to or near air.

There is only one circuit runnign in the ceiling there, and its easily accesssible, so it's on my list of things to do already. Once thats done i could blow in insulation if needed to the 10" air cavity.

Still not sure if i want/need to put up insulation on the top 2' of the wall, but we'll see what diff the garage door makes to the upstairs and go from there. If i decide to do it, is it ok to simply glue the XPS to the wall, and then glue drywall on top of it to protect from fire? Or does it need to be framed out? There are some heavy duty shelves on the walls of the garage that I was hoping to not touch anytime soon (really bolted into the concrete, and very handy as well). If i framed out, i'd have to take those down and figure out some new shelving arrangement post framing.

Anyway, thanks much for the feedback. Very helpful to hear peoples opinions.

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I would cover all foam in a garage due to the vehicle as an ignition source. EPS- absorbs 4, in water, EXP- 0.3:

A lot of water on vehicles in the winter here, to mold the back paper on the drywall due to EPS storing it.

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Gary: Not to get side tracked, but a gal intimately involved w/ PassivHaus USA told me that they use EPS under their slabs because the "water absorption" proved to be a myth. Is that a higher density EPS? Thanks. john
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Gary, so you recommend xps on the slab wall as well? Cover it with just standard drywall, or would you recommend some special stuff for a WA garage? Ok to glue to the foam, or so I need to shim it out a little so it doesn't make contact with the drywall paper? If i need to shim, how much is optimal?



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