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jrwilkinsonjr 05-08-2011 10:38 AM

Installing floor in family room with high ceiling.
We are moving into a new home. The home has a family room with a very high ceiling (18'). The upstairs hallway over looks the family room. We want to put a floor across the family room even with the floor of the upstairs hallway to create an open common area on the second floor.

I have been doing a lot of research, but would very much appreciate more professional insight. My current thought is to run the floor joists from the wall on the side of the family room supporting the upstairs hallway to the outer wall. I have not been able to measure the distance exactly, but it is between 14' and 16'. I have to remove to windows on th outer wall that would be cut in half as a result of installing the floor.

On both sides there is no sill to sit the joists upon. Both sides have band joist sitting on top of the wall structure below. Can I just use joist hangers to span across the room? I would attach the hangers to the band joist on both sides.

Thank you

Ron6519 05-08-2011 02:00 PM

You will need plans and a permit for this project. I suggest you talk to an Architect so he can come up with a suitable scenario.

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