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john442 03-24-2008 05:19 PM

installing basement windows
My basement windows are new, but currently only help in by some cedar shims.

What's the proper way to install these? They look as if they were meant not to be screwed to the block, so what sort of adhesive holds them in place?

Some of the gaps are quite big, you could probably stick a pencil in there.

AtlanticWBConst. 03-24-2008 05:51 PM

My first question is: Who installed them? If you paid someone to install them, and that is what you got...then that's another story.

If your a midway thru your own installation of them, then we forgive you.

Generally, the windows are either:

1.) Ordered custom sized to fit the space, and installed snuggly, using adhesives.


2.) The space is framed in with Pressure Treated Lumber to accomodate a standard size (or common sized) basement window.

In your situation: I don't know how large the gaps are. You may be able to fill them with non-expanding foam (for windows and doors). Then install (using caulking/adhesive) some kind of vinyl trim to cover the foam filled gap.

As far as fastening: in your situation, you have concrete block. I would suggest drilling the block with a tapcon masonry bit, and using an appropriate tapcon masonry screw. Before inserting the screw, inject (shoot) some masonry epoxy into the screw hole. On the bottom of the windows, you may want to use a good sealant to: seal and also to act as a "glue", to hold the window in place.

I am basing this advice on what you have described.

Good Luck.

john442 03-24-2008 07:38 PM

welllll, my bro-in-law was doing some general work for me, "pro bono" and we all know how that goes. anyways

tapcons should do it, I just didn't see holes, I'll just have to drill some of my own. Thanks.

darylbrands 03-24-2008 08:50 PM

Stop or trim molding
If over 1/8" needs to be filled after caulking or using expandable foam a piece of stop or trim molding can be added to cover this gap if the window is not sized correctly for the opening. Going with the Plastic or vinyl trim material may be a wise choice.

The Trim can be caulked into place with temp spacers cut between the moldings until the caulk is dry if there is not a wooden frame built around the window.

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