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dario08 09-29-2010 05:41 PM

Installing 16ft sliding glass impact door
I just moved into a single story ranch house here in florida that is CBS. I have an 8ft slider opening to the back yard. There is a 36 inch wide window next to the door seperated by 12 inches of concrete block. I want to put in a 16 foot french door to replace both the window and 8 ft slider. Ive had 3 contractors tell me 3 different things about the concrete tie beam:

I don't need to reinforce the beam because 16ft isn't long enough to make it sag since it's already reinforced with rebar.

I need to reinforce the beam becuase 16ft is too long.

Not only do I need to reinforce the beam but I also need to reinforce the truss attached to beam.

I want to do things right. It's my first home and selling it is not my intention.

Is this just simply a case of more is better than less?

I also had someone say that the whole beam needs to be replaced with one that is made to be 16ft long without a support. That way I wont have to do anything to the truss.

Am I going to have to get a structural engineer? Don't these guys do this all the time?

kwikfishron 09-29-2010 06:00 PM

You will need a permit and drawings.

Hire a Drafter to do your drawings.

If your building department needs a Engineers stamp, your drafter should have him on speed dial.

After you have your plans approved get bids from the contractors to do the work.

If you donít want to deal with all of that find a GC to do it all for you.

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