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Ameekins 09-15-2010 04:32 PM

Install Flashing onto existing deck ledger, stucco home
I'm hoping to get some guidance/advice for the following job. I'm not sure if I'll undertake it myself or hire a contractor to perform the work though in either event I'm hoping to make sure I've got the process established in advance of any work performed.

I recently had a contractor construct an attached deck (11 ft wide x 8 ft long) to the rear of my home. Problem is the contractor did not flash the ledger board (11 ft in length) to the home but rather simply ran a bead of caulk above the ledger.

The exterior of the home, atop which the ledger board resides, is a stucco facade with the following layup: Plywood/Tar Paper/Wire Mesh/Stucco. The ledger board sits atop the stucco and is adhered to the House Band Joist using FastenMaster Ledger Locks, 5" long, on 16" center. I'm not sure if it is natural or synthetic stucco.

My thoughts to flash the existing deck without having to take it down then re-construct it are as follows:

1. Remove 2-3 deck boards closest to the house.

2. Using a fine tooth Diamond blade on a rip saw OR a angle grinder at a ~15 bevel (angled up into the stucco) cut a groove a distance of ~2-3 inches above the top of the ledger that will be deep enough (? 3/8" deep) to cut the wire mesh lath without damaging the tar paper beneath (I'm sure this is not easy). I'll be sure to have the cut extend beyond both ends of the ledger.

3. Using 2x strips of rubberized, self-adhering flashing, overlay the first piece on top of the ledger board and joists and extending up above the ledger (onto the stucco) by a minimum of 1". Overlay the second piece (if possible) atop the first piece and extending into the groove (beneath the existing tar paper).

4. Install an 6" or 8" wide Copper flashing strip into the groove such that it extends 2-3" behind the existing tar paper. Given the nails likely adhering the wire mesh lathe to the plywood it might be necessary that I remove a 3-4" band of stucco/wire lathe above that bevel cut to properly seat the flashing strip below the tar paper.

5. Bend the copper flashing such that it makes a z-bend over the ledger and attached Joists by a minimum of 1/2". It'll require using cutters to trim the copper flashing such that it conforms to both the ledger and attached joists (16" on center spacing). Recommended hardware to attach copper flashing?

6. I was thinking of installing some sort of L-bracket or other copper flashing strip beneath the ledger such that any water that runs down the face of the ledger drips off of the L-bracket rather than making its way to the bottom of the ledger/house intersection and getting sucked up behind the ledger.

7. Replace/Repair any wire lathe and then have the stucco replaced/repaired as required.

How does this approach sound? Thoughts? Any suggested modifications or other approach to take?

Thanks in advance for your comments/help! ;)

Gary in WA 09-15-2010 05:51 PM

Maybe this will help a little:

Sounds like the fix, why wasn’t this in the contract…….

This may help:

Ledger attachment:


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