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handycuzofdad 06-04-2012 09:46 PM

Inside corner Deck constructions
Hello all.

I have my permits back and approved for a deck. Here are the (probably too) vague details.

Deck size 17x21 (but 4' of the end will be the staircase, essentially giving me a 4x~11 mini deck infront of the stairs.

The deck will be mounted on an inside corner. Using compass directions inside corner is NW. Ledger boards will extend S 17', and E 12' (that is the amount of contact w/ the house).

I will exted the E direction an additional 5' to make the deck space 17x17. The SE corner will have 4' additional space to provide more space and the stairs that will proceed N.

I will add my drawing/poor sketch when I get them scanned tomorrow.

I am building on all PT lumber and deckboards. I will be building 12OC for future upgrade to composite. In the meantime I will be making a pictureframe design (~2.25ft around the outside edge) and filling the center of the deck on the diagonal.

Here are my concerns/questions:

1. Should I run the joists EW or NS? Either run will be 17's (using 2x10's)
2. Since the E side ledger board is only 12' attached to the house, can I use a longer board to extend it to 17' essentially as a cantaliever system (if I use a 6x6 support under at the end)? Or are 2 separate boards better?
3. To create the ridge beam under nearth the joist I will use 2 2x10's on top of a (probably notched 6x6). How far out can I canteliever the ridge beam? And if the joists run EW than do I need a poured footing adjacent to the house or how far away do I need to be?

Thanks in advance and if you have a visual of my deck you are one great visually oriented person.

Thanks again


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