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Blpavlovich 06-09-2011 05:24 PM

Anyone out there that can help me out? I have called 4 pool people here where I live, only one of them showed up. He told me first I need a timer put on my pool which cost $1,600... Then I said, "I already have one on and it works". He said, "oh you do"? --- just to give y'all a little of my pain! :-). So, I am here with a pool issue that I cannot resolve by myself nor can I find it on the Internet.


Just brought the house one month ago. Pool was swampy green with 2 inch tadpole living in it. So I cleaned the tads out then shocked the blank out of the pool. Started my filter and pump and began the cycle of cleaning it. I Vacuumed it a lot. Then, I noticed the first day of running the filter and pump that it would decrease skimming then stop meanwhile, my returns would slowly stop pushing water out as well. So I went googling and found the manual. It stated to bump it everytime this occurrd and backwash as well. Oh it's a DE Hayward filter EC75a. So I did that - nothing, same ol same ol. So then it said take the filter out of the filter harness and soak the flex tube in moradic acid (spelling) so I did... Still nothing. While soaking the filters flex tubes, I put the filter back together as if it had the filter flex tubes in it, I turn on my pump and filterless filter on and it works perfect.


When I take the actual filter (flex tubes) out of the filter harness the water will run through the skimmers and return water out until I say stop, but as soon as I put my freshly cleaned filters flex tubes back into the filter harness it stops after 15 minutes? So is it because my water is still dirty without me seeing it and clogging it that fast? Oh and after putting back in the cleaned filter I have done what the manual has stated to do...and nothing, once again.

Please someone help!!!

Ron6519 06-09-2011 05:38 PM

Before you use the filter, make sure all the crap is out of the pool. The filter isn't meant to be a wet vac, so you must remove all the solids.
Post a picture of the pool's contents.

Blpavlovich 06-09-2011 05:49 PM

4 Attachment(s)
These are the pic for the pool. Keep in mind I have not ran the pump nor filter or chemical is a week so my water it's turning green again... Right now a darker teal - it was cloudy light blue when I tried running the pump and filter. When vac it had little debrie.

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