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dbosso 12-30-2007 09:00 PM

Inexpensive paintable pergola beams?

My condominium complex has exterior pergola that uses large 4x6 and 4x12 redwood beams. Many of the beams are rotted an in need of replacement - some are ~35 years old. All are painted, and the replacements will need to be painted also to match the existing beams. Surface texture difference is not too important.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a less expensive alternative than the redwood that will last as long or longer? The 4x12 redwood is costing us ~$16/LF.

I'm in Southern California.



97catintenn 12-30-2007 09:14 PM

The redwood and cedar that is being cut now is much younger than that wood that was cut back in the day and lasted 20yrs. Now, the wood doesn't last near as long.

You want something that lasts in the weather and that's going to be good old pressure treated pine. In the case of a pergola, saving some wood and replacing the other, almost always costs just as much as a completely new structure.

A 4X12 would need to be a double 2X12. I haven't seen a 4by in pressure treated. My price would be 15 per ft, so a 12'X16' pergola would be 2880.00, and for that price, I would even paint it, too.

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