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notveryinclined 07-06-2006 12:03 PM

inclose the garage
I have a dougle car garage that you pull into on the side of the house. I would like to enclose it and make a bedroom,bathroom and walk-in closet. The garage already has sheetrock on three sides and the ceiling is ok too. the garage has a little ultilty room in it also with the hot water heater in it. It seems to me that if I removed the garage door all I would have to do is, fix the floor with maybe a subfloor to put carpet on and buy a bath tub and vaniaty, take out a wall and frame somemore for the closet and bathroom. Then I would have to hire a plumber and electrican. About what would this cost me the cheapest way out?

Darylh 07-07-2006 08:14 AM

A few things come to mind on this.
1- is your garage floor level with the house floor or is there a step or 2 or 3 ?
2- what all is in the utility room ?
What size is your garage?
What is your skill level as far as this kind of work?
Where are you located?
This info is needed to contnue with your question.
You are going to have to get a 3" min drain for the toilet with a vent stack and not to mention the drains for your tub and vanity.
you will have to pour a small concrete wall to close in the garage door foundation..
May I suggest you get a few free estimates with a material and labour breakdown. This will give you a good idea where your going as far as $$$ go not to mention you can pic there brains a little while there there.

notveryinclined 07-07-2006 12:03 PM

reply to question
1-level with house 2-hot water heater 3-located in georgia 4-not alot of skill

Darylh 07-08-2006 09:10 AM

My best suggestion tou you would be to get a local contractor in to take a look and go from there. There is to many varibles here with out a looksie.

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