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J187 06-05-2006 04:21 PM

I'm going to end up with a seam of greenboard meeting plaster, how should I finish?
Greenboard installed from the shower alcove straight along the major backwall will have to seam against the existing plaster wall. The plaster wall contains wall tiles that I wish to keep in the bathroom. What is the best way to treat this seam. The good news is, the furred-out greenboard meets the plaster wall perfectly plumb and the plaster thickness is pretty consistant throughout the vertical run of the wall. The seam is great, I just need to finish it. Thanks

AtlanticWBConst. 06-05-2006 06:50 PM

I just did something similar in a bathroom remodeling. We had installed a window and had to remove an area with tile on the wall to install jacks and a header.

a.) If you have an area of smooth plaster (no tile on it) between the Green board and the seam: You can use durabond and tape right over it to blend the two surfaces. Compound will coat onto plaster with no problems. Sand to a smooth finish.

b.) If you have an area of plaster with tile right at the seam with the greenboard: Make sure that you install the 'factory edge' (indented long paper-wrapped edge) against the plaster/tile edge. Attach that properly using ceramic coated screws. (These look just like drywall screws, you can find them in the fasteners area for exterior use)
Tape using durabond and a 6" taping knife. Keep a damp sponge or rag with you for any compund that might go up over the tile work. Wipe that excess away carefully and neatly.
Try not to put the compound coats on too thick, since you don't want that to ride up over the surface of the tile thickness.
When all coats have dried, sand areas.
Seal it up:Apply a nice bead of silconized caulking that matches the color of your grout, hopefully it's white along that seam.

Did this in the recent job I mentioned in the beginning. Came out perfectly with no clues that we had done any kind of work in that area of the bathroom.

Hope this helps.

J187 06-06-2006 08:53 AM

That helps immensely. I'm all set up to do the walls just that way. I've got my durabond and everything. I was just a little unsure about how that seam would bond, your experience is really quite assuring, thank you.


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