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prexxx 10-28-2012 07:49 PM

How serious is this cracking in brick interior wall?
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I am living in a rented apartment. Not really thinking about it, I chose to live in this apartment regardless of the extensive cracking in the brick walls (I valued cheap rent over quality, obviously). I am just curious to know what these cracks really mean. I have been having a lot of bug problems - including what seems like carpenter ants along the edges of the room.

The building is a two story, brick carriage house with concrete flooring. The floor slopes down to what seems like a drainage hole that has been covered with wood (which is definitely soft). There are a ton of hairline cracks in almost all the bricks and here are some pictures of the cracks in the mortar - some stair-stepping patterns that seem to go into a vertical crack. These are above the two windows and door on the first floor. There are also areas where the mortar seems a little degraded and some areas that look like tunnels almost.

I'm aware I'm getting the quality I'm paying for, but I'm just wondering how bad it really is.

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