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How to replace concrete patio that extends under a brick wall?


I need to remove and replace a concrete patio that extends up to the foundation of the house, and under the house's exterior brick. The old patio has settled, leaving a gap under the brick, as shown in these photos:

I haven't decided between poured concrete or pavers for the new patio, but once I get the old one torn up and the area prepped, I'd like to fix things under the brick first, and add the patio separate, so the same problem does not crop up again later.

Any recommendations on a best course of action in this situation?

Thanks a bunch.



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Originally Posted by brad77 View Post
I'd like to fix things under the brick first, and add the patio separate,
so the same problem does not crop up again later.
That Sir... will be one very neat trick.

Based on the photo's it looks like someone added that brick veneer job without a "brick ledge" or any other sort of proper foundation level support.
Going back behind to put something like that in? That is a job!

I just did a quick google to find some pictures for you and maybe some objective engineering information to read and got this:

Adding brick ledge to foundation

Any recommendations on a best course of action in this situation?
Yeah... Read through that link some, do your own googling and then look for an engineer to advise you more specifically. And in general, deal with this aspect of things 100% before even thinking about the patio surface work.



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If the slab is not cracked and just settled, a company that does mud jacking can lift it and would not have it settle again.
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Obviously, this job was done incorrectly, because its now a problem.
The brick work should be supported by the building foundation.
I would run a saw cut, parallel to the building, about 18" from the building. Then, break out the concrete between the cut and the building.
Then, excavate a trench that will allow you to attach a 3" angle iron to the foundation to support the brick work.
Finally, remove any loose bricks, and then make a form and fill the void between the angle iron and the bottom course of brick with cement.
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The brick wall is not load bearing on the concrete but simply over hanging it (brick facing on cinderblock?) so you can just rip out the concrete patio and replace as you wish. It's lower because of settling, so you need to investigate whether the cause of settling is still a factor or not. It may have been a poorly prepared bed for the original patio, or it might be ongoing poor drainage, or both. Remediate the cause before you replace it.

Either way you don't need to worry about the brick wall other than making sure that you have adequate drainage away from the wall and a good seal between the new patio and the brick.
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Form the looks of the window return, it looks like it could be thin brick adhered to the walls, rather than conventional brick on a ledge. Either way, the patio isn't intended to hold the brick up, because if it was, the brick would have undoubtedly settled with the patio by now.


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